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Prescription Running Sunglasses/Glasses Canada

Eyewear Canada offers a wide range of high-quality prescription running sunglasses/glasses at an affordable price. Don't let the harsh sunlight bother you when you’re running to the finish line. Whether you are a casual jogger or a marathon runner, our best running sunglasses are available in a wide variety of styles, models, colors, and brands. Protect your eyes from your every move on the track, with prescription running sunglasses. You no longer need to decide between comfort and clear vision!

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Don't let the sun come between you and the finish line. Whether you're a marathon runner or a casual neighborhood jogger, running sunglasses are a necessity. Find the best running sunglasses available in a wide variety of brands, styles, models and colors so you can feel comfortable knowing Eyewear Canada is your one-stop-shop for your perfect pair of running sunglasses.

No one will question your passion for running while sporting a new pair of awesome running shades.


Need a new pair of prescription running sunglasses? Not a problem for our talented team of opticians here at Eyewear Canada. We specialize in all kinds of prescription sports sunglasses, and running sunglasses are no exception. Browse our collection of the best running sunglasses online and custom build your own to match your prescription.

Find video guides and tooltips as you create your unique pair of sunglasses. Even an expert is only a click away. Contact us, and you’ll be put in touch with one of our friendly in-house opticians who can help build your prescription sunglasses.

Filling out your prescription is easy, too. At checkout, you can fax, email, or upload your up-to-date prescription. Send it later, if you don’t have it on hand. We’ll email you a reminder so you can get your running sunglasses as soon as possible.

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Prescription Running Sunglasses/Glasses FAQs

How to Choosing the Right Running Sunglasses?

If you are still relying on your old pair of running sunglasses, then maybe it is time to upgrade them because today, there are many more options available to you. The good news is you do not have to spend a lot of money on your new pair. You can even pick up a decent pair at a very affordable price. All that you have to do is check out online retailers like they have been around for quite some time and over the years, they have built up a solid reputation for quality at affordable prices.

What are the best running sunglasses features for runners?

Durable and ultralight frame materials are popular choices for running eyewear. Frames may be designed with ventilation channels to prevent fogging and have slip-proof rubber grips on the nose pads and temples. Polarized lenses are useful for reducing glare during daytime runs on or near reflective surfaces.

Can I run in sports glasses with clear lenses?

Sports or safety glasses with clear lenses are a good choice for running in low-light conditions. If you tend to run in the early morning or after the sun sets, you may prefer glasses that provide a layer of protection without any tint to reduce acuity, contrast, or depth perception.

How do I order prescription running glasses online?

Browse an extensive selection of sports glasses for running. When you find a pair of frames you like, check to see which prescription lenses are available. It is also important to check frame size and measurements for the best possible fit.

Have You Considered These Important Factors Before Choosing Your Running Sunglasses?

If you want to enjoy the best run, you need to wear running sunglasses as they can make a huge difference during your run. The goggles that you choose should offer a perfect fit and at the same time, they should protect your eyes against the dangerous UV rays of the sun. also, they should be durable enough and of course, they should also make you look your best.

Why do running sunglasses have polarized lenses?

A polarized coating on the lenses of prescription running glasses blocks light reflected horizontally off paved surfaces such as sidewalks or roads, open expanses of water, or snow. Many runners prefer this lens