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Prescription Sports Glasses Canada

The proper sports glasses or goggles can prevent the vast majority of sport-related eye injuries. Eyewear Canada is built to perform under the most demanding conditions while maintaining grip, comfort, and protection.

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Best Prescription Sports Glasses in Canada

Prescription Sports sunglasses: Fashionable sporty styled sunglasses can be ordered as is without a prescription lens as can all our sunglasses frames or with your necessary prescription lens. With an almost wrap-around look and the lens power to give you your 20/20 vision back, you will probably turn several heads as you walk by. Look sporty and cool in the fresh vibrant colour or pattern of your choice. Buy the best prescription sports glasses and RX sports sunglasses at

Specializes in sports specific eyewear and sunglasses, goggles. Prescriptions available. No sales tax. Free shipping over CAD$99. Find more quality yet inexpensive prescription sports glasses at offering a range of men’s, women’s, and kids prescription sports goggles, sunglasses including cycling glasses, basketball glasses, ski goggles, and swimming goggles.

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What Are the Reasons to Wear Sports Glasses & Sunglasses?

Modern sports glasses are designed to show the world just how serious you are about your sport. Whether you are an amateur or a pro player, your eyewear can offer you a long list of benefits. The most important benefit that they provide is that they protect your eyes and reduce or even eliminate the risk of eye damage. Even more importantly, the right sports eyewear can help you improve your performance considerably because of the high quality of vision the eyewear provides. It is no wonder that these days these important items of eyewear are mandated even when you are playing an amateur sport.

Prescription Sport Glasses & Sunglasses FAQs

Are sports glasses mandatory?

If you are a member of a sports club, then you will need to wear the right eye protection to take part in any sporting activity. Even children who were once very averse to wearing sports eyewear are now suddenly all for wearing the right eyewear. Such eyewear has become the norm for children and is accepted as a part of their sports uniform.

Will sports sunglasses really protect my eyes?

If you are taking part in fast and furious sports, then you need to wear the right eye protection. Otherwise, you could end up as one of the tens of thousands of Americans that end up in a hospital emergency room to have a sports-related eye injury treated. If you are a tennis player or even if you play badminton, there is a strong chance that a ball or shuttle hurtling at your eyes at a very high speed can cause serious eye injuries. The same holds for squash players who could be hit by a racquet or a squash ball.

Will sports glasses help me up to my performance?

The right sports glasses will also help you up to your performance. Until recently, those with mild eye problems continued to play their sport without wearing protective eyewear. However, performance is directly related to sharp vision. Thus, you need to wear sports eyewear to enjoy perfect vision which in turn will help to improve your performance on the sports field.

How to choose the right prescription sports sunglasses?

When the time comes to choose prescription sports sunglasses, there are a few things to keep in mind. Different types are made in different shapes and some eyewear items are even designed for specific sports. You also need to make sure that your sports sunglasses have polycarbonate lenses as they are very durable as well as highly impact-resistant. Polycarbonate lenses also provide total UV protection and they are also scratch-resistant and so will last you for a long time even if you play a rough sport.

Is a perfect fit necessary?

You will however only benefit by wearing sports eyeglasses if they fit you perfectly. Thus, you need to pay close attention to proper sizing as it is critical for you. Do not make the mistake of buying large glasses for your child thinking that when they grow bigger the glasses will last for a longer time. You need to make sure that the glasses are of the right size and that they offer perfect vision. These are the two most important aspects of choosing the right eye protection for your sport.

Can Eyewear Canada offer low prices on good quality Sports Sunglasses?

Yes, absolutely. EyewearCanada offers the lowest prices on its eyewear because it makes its eyewear itself at its factory and it also sells its eyewear directly to you via its online store. Thus, it can keep a close check on both quality and cost and since it does not have to pay any middlemen or distributors it has no reason to inflate its prices. When you buy your eyewear from them, you can rest assured that you will get to buy the lowest-priced eyewear that is of very good quality. It also is not burdened by expenses such as warehousing costs, rent and salaries. Therefore, it can keep its prices very low. And, it also does not incur overheads that its competitors incur and so can offer steep discounts on its eyewear. It backs up its quality eyewear and low prices with excellent customer support. So, if you need to have a query answered you can use an online chat feature to have it resolved quickly and easily.