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Shop our wide range of kids' glasses. Featuring ultra-flexible, durable frames and impact-resistant lenses.

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Prescription Eyeglasses for Kids

KIDS GLASSES: Check out our collection of cute yet functional eyeglasses perfect for toddlers to young teens. Over a dozen frame options are specially crafted for the younger generation. We suggest polycarbonate lens material and titanium and bendable frame options because their strong durable material will hold up to the active often rough handling most kids will put them through. All prescription lenses can be created to fit these frames helping the younger generation look and feel comfortable and cool as they go off to learn and have fun in and out of school. Find kids glasses that your child will love from Our children's eyeglasses are made with fun colours and designs, so they are unique just like your child. Plus, some children's glasses are made with flexible material to help avoid damage.

The Latest Trends in Kids glasses

Kids glasses have advanced significantly in recent years. The days of large, uncomfortable frames that alarmed children are long gone. Children can enjoy wearing one of the many chic and current eyeglass frames available today.
Here are some of the latest trends in children's glasses.

What should you consider when shopping for children's glasses?

Bright colours are beloved by kids. So, you need to ask yourself the question, why not flaunt your children glasses now? For kids' frames, bright hues like pink, blue, and green are all popular choices. Interesting designs are yet another fantastic approach to giving your kids' glasses personality. Popular patterns include polka dots, Cheshire cats, and checks. Children that want to make a statement should use statement frames, which are the finest alternative. The sizes and forms of these striking glasses are varied. Consider using reusable kids glasses frames if your child loses or breaks their glasses frequently. A damp cloth can easily be used to clean the strong material that makes up these frames. Both style and comfort should be taken into account when selecting children's glasses. For the youngster to not feel the weight of the frame, it should fit snugly but not too tightly. For the frame to resist the rigours of daily use, it's also critical to choose one built of sturdy materials.

Buy kids glasses that are attractive and fashionable

There is no reason why your kids can't have their favourite cool pair of glasses with so many attractive and fashionable options available. Therefore, let your youngster pick a frame that embodies their own individuality the next time they require new kids glasses. Before choosing their glasses, you need to do a few things. The first thing you need to do is bring your kid along while you go shopping This raises the likelihood that your child will be pleased with their new spectacles by making them feel like participants in the decision-making process. The next thing that you need to do is allow your child to try on various frames. When shopping online, you can use a virtual try-on feature by first uploading a photo of your child and then trying on different frames to see how they look on your child’s face.

Comfort and fit of your kids glasses are very important

Finding a pair that fits well and is comfortable will be much easier with this. Also, you need to think about your child's way of life. You should pick a sturdy, unlikely to break frame for active kids. If your child needs prescription glasses, then you need to keep their prescription handy. The lenses are just as important as the frames. So, ensure that you are choosing the proper prescription lenses that provide the right vision correction for your child.

When shopping for kids glasses, you should try and shop online because you will get better deals and also because there are more options available to you when you shop online. is a great online retailer. It enjoys a stellar reputation for selling the very best quality of eyewear at the most affordable and low prices. So, be sure to check them out.

FAQs on Prescription Safety Glasses at Eyewear Canada

The American Optometric Association recommends that all children have their first eye exam at 6-12 months of age. You need to consider a few things like the age of your child and their lifestyle. You also need to buy a pair that suits their personality and style.
When choosing kids glasses, you need to factor in things like is your child squirming or rubbing their eyes. Does he or she hold books close up? If you notice these signs, then it is time to invest in children’s glasses.
When choosing frames for your child, it's important to consider the following factors. The first thing is the child’s age and lifestyle. You also need to know your child’s prescription and you need to choose durable frames so that they last longer.
some signs that your child may need glasses include:
What are some of the latest trends in kids' glasses?
Some of the latest trends in kids' glasses include a pair with bold colours. You can also go with frames with fun prints or you can choose statement frames. Finally, you can think about going with reusable frames.